Client: Glasgow School of Art
Sector: Culture
Location: Glasgow SC
Date: 2018
Medium: Identity, Digital

The re-branding of the Glasgow School of Art Student Union co-encided with the completion a new the Reid Building to house it. As the new rooms were assigned to different functions of the space; art, student council, music, etc. I decided to use an simplified isometric representation of the archiectural scheme, that could be arranged and re-arranged to reflect the different types of events happening.

Print. Flyers. 2015.

Print. Business Cards. 2015.

Publicity. Poster 01. 2015.

Publicity. Poster 02. 2015.

Merchandise. Tote. 2015.

The primary function of the website was to be a calender to advertise events. So I exaggerated the quality of digital calenders, and devised an animated ui solution inspired by stacking physical cards in a rolerdex.

Website. Index View. 2015.

Website. Event View. 2015.

Website. Mobile Devices. 2015.