Client: Cos
Studio: Cos Sector: Fashion
Location: London UK
Date: 2014-2015
Medium: Print, Packaging

I worked in the Cos print department for several months, my primary responsibility was to overhaul there packaging design, but unfortunately the turnaround on final products was after my departure date. So here is a collection of invitations and ephemera I desired whilst there. With the brand guidelines firmly established my main focus was on material selection. The range and quantity of printed material needed meant I got be really playful, and explore manufacturing and technical possibilities.

Print. Invitation & Envelope. 2015.

Print. Invitation. 2015.

Print. Invitation. 2014.

Print – with reflective surface. Invitation – Serpentine Nights . 2015.

Print. Invitation. 2015.

Textile. Jeans Typography. 2015.

Print. Jeans Typography. 2015.