Critical Swedish Christmas Cards

Institute: Konstfack Location: Stockholm SW
Date: Nov 2015
Medium: Research, Print

In an earnest attempt to provide some culturally relevant material for the Konstfack Christmas Market, Critical Cards conducted some in-depth market research on Google, and were surprised and amused with the result.

We found that Sweden had elected to portray itself to foreigners, such as ourselves, through critical analysis of traditional Christmas values in relation to modernity and cultural stereotypes.

It's Cold It's Dark. Print. 2015.

The series of cards and posters conveys our British perception of a Swedish Christmas experience, in relation to our own deeply entrenched, and often non-sensical expectations and rituals surrounding Christmas.

All content was sourced from Swedens official youtube channel and; a publicly funded website supported by the Swedish Institute and Swedish Government, that aims to promote interest and confidence in Sweden around the world.

Svenssons. Print . 2015.