Ever Reve

Studio: Lundgren+Lindqvist
Sector: Fashion
Location: Gothenburg SE
Date: 2015
Medium: Print, Web

Ever Reve is a London based womenswear brand founded in 2012. Whilst at Lundgren+Lindqvist, myself and Tobias Bschorr designed their 2015 Spring/Summer lookbook and website.

Every season at Ever Reve, before any drawings are made, a short story is written with a with a fictional persona at its centre. The ambience of the story and the study of that persona is utilised as an inspiration for the garments.

For the Spring/Summer 2015 collection, the written story had a cinematic atmosphere to it which we wanted to emphasise in the curation of their products, therefore we made abstract crops of the imagery provided that were accompanied by sections of the story in the look book.

For the site, we designed a number of dynamic start sections, which allow Ever Reve to easily vary the look and content, creating the feel that the website is constantly evolving.