Hal Architecture

Studio: Graphic Thought Facility
Sector: Architecture
Location: London UK
Date: 2016
Medium: Identity, Web

Hal Architecture Ltd. is an architecture practice founded by former Arup's director, Hal Currey. Whilst working at Graphic Thought Facility, I had the priviledge of designing an identity that would reflect the intent of Hal's new independent venture.

External signage system.

Internal signage system.

I consistently a used restrictive 65mm column grid across all branded material, physical and digital. To evoke the idea of 'playing with space' and make the viewer aware of the conscious choice to recognise and work within tough spatial constraint, alluding to the negotions made in the architectural design process.

Website desktop browser — homepage top.

Website desktop browser — homepage bottom.

In addition, we selected the early modernist typeface 'Monotype Grotesque', due to some of it's playful irregularities, and its association with the early modernist intent. Reflecting the desire of the practice to produce progressive architecture and afford experimentation.

Printed material used for project proposals and documentation in various formats.

Genertic practice business card.

The result was a simple, clean, and recognisable visual identity, that subtly alludes to the intent of the practice through layout and typography. Which is designed to maintain it's visual integrity across a broad range of visual media relative to the practices requirements.