Institute: Glasgow School of Art
Sector: Research
Location: Glasgow SC
Date: 2016
Medium: Film

A short documentary detailing the length's a young designer is driven to, in order to pursue his chosen profession and make a living within the context of the present economic climate of the UK — austerity leading to cuts in education funding; hence physical space, resources and tutor-contact diminish within institutions nationally. This, in conjunction with the flooding of foreign investment into the UK property market, leading to a surge in prices makes finding physical space necessitative for 'practice' difficult.

This film seeks to invite conversation about the implications of lack of necessary support, funding and provision for the creative sector. The author takes the position that the broadly termed 'creative sector', despite it's illusiveness in terms of quantification, creates meaningful economic growth (Design in the UK alone generated 84bn in 2015), contributes towards the esteemed cultural perception of the UK internationally, and has the potential to make everyone's lives a little bit nicer, maybe, sometimes.