Client: Mayku
Studio: Theo Ford
Sector: Industrial
Location: London UK
Date: 2020
Medium: Digital

Mayku are an industrial manufacturing company based in London, specialising in making desktop versions of industrial manufacturing products. Their first product the Formbox, a desktop vacuum former, which allowed users to create moulds, generated $600,000 dollars on Kickstarter and since it’s conception it has been adopted by four primary specialisms – confectionary, industrial design, education and craft.

Mayku’s website did not reflect the learning they had developed of their core user bases. Thus, after extensive research we designed a UX flow that catered to these core user groups, serving up content relevant to industry, as the user learned more about the product.

Furthermore, the scope of the site was large, it required an online store, blog pages, detailed product pages with specifications, an index of resellers page, FAQ, and opportunities to join and learn more. All of which required custom layout solutions, based on a modular approach.

The solution offers a simple choice from the get go, based on what user you are. And then presents you with use cases and articles about the Formbox relevant to your industry. In conjunction with dynamic content served about the Formbox in the form of video’s, articles and image galleries.