Roda Sten

Studio: Lundgren+Lindqvist
Sector: Cultural
Location: Gothenburg SE
Date: 2015
Medium: Identity, Web

Roda Sten is an events-space, restaurant and community hub affiliated with Gothenburg's second largest contemporary art gallery. Whilst working for Lundgren+Lindqvist I was fortunate to take on strategy and design for the up-and-coming cultural enterprise.

The challenge was to generate brand awareness and consumer engagement with the establishment, with particular focus on the clients recent food offering, which would in turn fund the cultural output, and possibilities for community projects.

Responsive website design.

Some informal market research made clear that many potential customers were unsure as to what the offering was at Roda Sten due to it's flexible events listings and food offerings. Therefore, we focused on designing a smartphone orientated website, that would allow users to see clearly what was happening at Roda Sten.

Features included, breaking up it's offering into a clear taxonomy using colour. Interspersing cultural events, which served as the clients unique selling point, with it's primary revenue stream &mdash food. And including a 'now' button at the top of the menu, as many users wanted to know what was available in the present moment, when mobile.

Generatively produced letterhead and business card.

Automated seasonal lunch menu.

The visual identity was designed to convey the D.I.Y. approach of the institution, whilst achieving a visual consistency that could unify Roda Sten's diverse activities under one distinctive umbrella.

Due to the limitations of funding, the cost of maintenance of a visual identity, and the production of regular marketing collateral was an obstacle. Therefore we opted to design a system that could be generated algorithmically, via a user inputting event information into a web application and having the necessary assets produced to a web page, ready for download and print. The constaints of this process visually contributed towards a simple, raw and generative aesthetic, reflecting the personality of the institute, capable of adapting to it's immiediate and shifting demands.

Eventspace publicity campaign.

Screening promotion.

Internal collatoral.