Institute: Glasgow School of Art
Sector: Research
Location: Glasgow SCO
Date: 2014
Medium: Video, Research, Performance

A selection of films exploring the 'scroll' interaction. The project sought to explore the concept of scrolling within a wider context than digital media, and provoke questions about our behaviors on the web in relation to our personal lives and interpersonal relationships. In addition to portraying the scroll bar in an animated light, to explore it's function in human or relatable terms.

Interview with a Scroll Bar. Video. 2015.

Scrolling the Daily Mail. Video. 2015.

Scrolling in the Library. Video. 2015.

The process driven research was extensive, including: 'scrolling to reveal my girlfriend', 3D printing a hat clips to create 1st person videos using an iPhone, a pulley system to move objects based on command, and hitting things with sticks.

Bin. Video. 2015.

Broom. Video. 2015.

Click 2 Kiss. Video. 2015.

Scrubbing. Video. 2015.

3D Printed Hat Clip. Plastic. 2015.

iPhone in Mouth. Mouth. 2015.