Client: Taaalk
Sector: Tech
Location: London UK
Date: 2015
Medium: Product

Taaalk is a startup designed to facilitate text based interviews for educational value; they happen in real-time, so an audience can follow along with an interview as it develops over a period of minutes, hours, days or weeks. On launch Taaalk received 50,000 page views and made it to the top 5 of Product Hunt that day.

Logo. Typography. 2015.

Talk began as an experiment. Inspired by a lecture on Conditional Design, by Jonathan Puckey of Studio Moniker at Konstfack university in Stockholm, Sweden. I devised a simple game, in which I would randomly place smartphone features into a hat, and then draw out three, then think about how I could combine the random combination into something of value.

Upon my return to the United Kingdom, I showed the idea to collaborator Josh Summers. We decided to use the the format, public text based conversation between two participants, that an audience can follow in real time, and undertake a 'lean startup' methodology, to see whether there was any interest in the service, and developed a prototype of the product.

Website. Index Page. 2015.

Website. Index Page. 2015.

We then began to use the tool, to facilitate a few basic interviews, and gained some traction via introducing it on online forums such as Hacker News, and Reddit. From our initial research we were able to gleam, that people found most value in the content, when the Taaalk, was for their own educational value. So we began to facilitate text-based interviews in real time, between an expert in a given field, and a novice who is eager to learn, for the value of a wider community.