Institute: Glasgow School of Art
Sector: Research
Location: Glasgow SC
Date: 2015
Medium: Social Media, Logo, Art-Direction

In November 2015, Facebook launched a Frenge Flag Profile Image Overlay Plug-In that enabled users to demonstrate their solidarity with Paris post the November 11th ISIS attacks. Whilst I appreciated the sentiment, I wanted to create a visual symbol that would allow people to demonstrate their solidarity with all the worlds suffering. Hence, the 'World Flag'.

World Flag. PNG. 2015.

The design is placed in square format, mimicking the constraints of social network profile images, placing emphasis on it's digital existence over physical. The flag consists of a circle, 71% of which is blue, referencing the amount of water on the earth, relative to the 29% land which is green. This is tilted relative to the angle at which the earth rotates — on an axis of 23.5'.

Facebook Overlays. Mark & Theo. 2015.

I posted the image on facebook, alongside a third party plug in app, and invited user to overlay the world flag themselves.

Facebook.Post. 2015.

Plugin. Overlay. 2015.

Facebook.User Created Profile Images. 2015.

Finally I explored how the digital existence of the flag could have continued in rendered environments.

Render World Flag. 2015.

World Flag. Rendered. 2017.

Given the emphasis placed on the digital life of this symbol, I began to explore how the flag could live in digital environments in the future, via creating a 3D render of it floating in space.